Venetia was born in Athens and she is the fashion designer of the cross6 desingwear. Her mother was born in Brazil and her father at Piraeus, Greece. Herself she must ultimately be a strange and peculiar combination of multicultural influences ranging from Latin America and Eastern Europe to Minor Asia and certainly Greece.

She has studied Economics, Business Management, and Fashion Design and now she’s in the process of an MPH in Public Health Administration. She works at KETHEA, the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece.

She is a gemini which means she is a multitasker, so at the same time she has to express her artistic inner self by designing clothes for women who have a mind of their own and an innate sense of style, who are not afraid to experiment and adopt different roles through their clothes, like herself..

The designer herself considers each one of her creations a piece of art starting from the initial conception of the idea, the finding of unique materials, the hand-made creation of the patterns and the final refinement of each garment with needle and thread. For the sewing of all her clothes she always uses a close and experienced colleague, avoiding hence outwork tailoring.
At the end each piece is given its own name, its own soundtrack, its own breath of life, starring in the most beautiful times of your life.

She despises the “fake”, glamorous world of fashion and she adores indie music.